Struts Training Courses

Apache Struts Training Courses

OpenLogic offers Apache Struts training courses covering everything from the basics to advanced techniques for the Struts framework. Every Struts training engagement is customized to ensure the content and training materials align with your business, organizational, and technology needs. Our most popular Apache Struts training courses are listed below.

Choosing a Web Application Framework

With all of the different web application frameworks on the market today, how do you choose which one is right for you? This class provides a technological overview for many of the client-side and server-side web development frameworks, from Scriptaculous to Spring and everything in between. The class concludes by walking the participants through a technology decision worksheet to help them identify which frameworks are the best for their organization.

Introduction to the Apache Struts Framework

Introduction to the Apache Struts Framework is an advanced course that shows JSP and servlet programmers how to build web applications using the Apache Struts framework. Students learn the Struts architecture and see how it captures a great deal of pre-existing best practice: in model/view/controller action mappings, form beans and custom tags for working with HTML forms, input validation, and the Tiles view-building framework. The course concludes with advanced configuration techniques as well as an examination of other competing MVC architectures.

Learn More About Apache Struts Training

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Open Source Training Courses

Training courses are available for a wide range of open source software packages, including:

OpenLogic also offers training on topics such as open source clustering, open source build and test tools, web services, and application development management. See the entire training course catalog »

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