Hibernate ® Core Training Courses

Hibernate ® Training Courses

OpenLogic offers training courses covering everything from the basics of Hibernate to advanced techniques for Hibernate. Every Hibernate training engagement is customized to ensure the content and training materials align with your business, organizational, and technology needs. Our most popular Hibernate training courses are listed below.

Introduction to Hibernate

Introduction to Hibernate helps students develop the skills required to use the Object/Relational Mapping tool Hibernate. This course uses the latest release version of Hibernate, which is directly related to the new EJB 3.0 version defined in Java EE 5.0. By the end of the course, students are prepared to set up and use Hibernate as the persistence mechanism in Java applications. In addition to examining the Hibernate ORM framework, students learn how Hibernate works with JPA.

Advanced Hibernate

Advanced Hibernate training is for Java developers who need to harness the full power of the Hibernate O/R Mapping framework. In addition to covering all of the information in the Introduction to Hibernate course, this course examines how ORM affects performance and how to tune the performance of the SQL database management system and persistence layer. This course also examines different design techniques that can affect performance.

Hibernate Workshop

Why not learn Hibernate in the context of your current project? The Hibernate Workshop expands on the Java Persistence with Hibernate to not only teach you the core Hibernate concepts, tips, and tricks, but also show you how to effectively leverage Hibernate within your existing project. This workshop is great for companies that are migrating toward lightweight persistence implementations.

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