ActiveMQ Training Courses

ActiveMQ Training Courses

OpenLogic offers ActiveMQ training courses covering everything from the basics to advanced techniques for ActiveMQ administration. Every ActiveMQ training engagement is customized to ensure that content and training materials align with your technology, business, and organizational needs. Our most popular ActiveMQ training courses are listed below.

Introduction to ActiveMQ Administration

Introduction to ActiveMQ Administration teaches developers and administrators the basics required to effectively adopt and manage ActiveMQ in a production environment. This course provides an introduction to messaging and teaches students how to get started with ActiveMQ. Students also learn how to develop a basic ActiveMQ solution and configure ActiveMQ.

Advanced ActiveMQ

Advanced ActiveMQ Administration is geared towards developers and administrators who want to gain a production-quality command of ActiveMQ. This course builds on topics covered in the introductory ActiveMQ course by teaching students how to work with ActiveMQ features such as clustering, JMX, JMS, and security. Students also learn about performance tuning and how to integrate ActiveMQ with C++, .Net, Spring, and web services.

Learn More About ActiveMQ Training

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