Open Source Training

Open Source Training Courses

Open source training courses are available for a wide range of open source software packages. The open source packages on which we train most often are listed below along with common courses. However, customized open source training courses are also available.

OpenLogic provides open source training services based on proven industry best practices and years of experience. Our professional services team delivers expert training and advice on everything from the basics to advanced techniques for open source software, and every training engagement is customized to ensure that the training content and materials align with your business, technology, and organizational needs.

Training Delivery Formats

Open source training courses are available in a variety of formats ranging from virtual one-day seminars to custom multi-day training workshops.

Seminars — Open source training seminars are lecture-only, with a focus on creating knowledge awareness in a short-period of time. Sessions last 2-4 hours, accommodate up to 50 people, and can be delivered online or on-site.

Hands-On — Hands-on training is customized, instructor-led training with an in-depth presentation of a technology and its concepts. Sessions are typically multi-day and accommodate up to 14 people.

Workshops — Workshops are instructor-led lab-intensives focused on the practical application of technologies through the facilitation of a project-related lab. Sessions are typically multi-day and accommodate up to 12 people.

Mentoring — Individualized mentoring delivers targeted knowledge transfer and application to small teams. Sessions range in length and accommodate up to 6 people.

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