PHP Support

OpenLogic provides commercial-grade PHP support as well as technical support for hundreds of the most popular open source software packages. PHP support comes with guaranteed service level agreements and either business hours or around-the-clock coverage. OpenLogic's PHP support gives you easy access to open source experts who can answer your questions about PHP usage, recommend best practices, troubleshoot complex issues, and resolve bugs.

How We Support PHP

In addition to bug fixes and technical issues, OpenLogic's PHP support team provides a resource for developers to gather information and recommendations. Common PHP support questions submitted to OpenLogic include:

Research and Recommendations

  • Which version of PHP is best suited for a job or function?
  • Are there alternative packages I should consider deploying?
  • What changes were made in a specific version of PHP?
  • How will I be affected by a specific PHP security update?

Configuration and Usage

  • How do I configure PHP to work in my environment?
  • How do I integrate PHP with other components?
  • How can I best use a particular feature within PHP?
  • How can I optimize performance of PHP?

Troubleshooting and Bugs

  • Why is a PHP feature not working as expected?
  • I need a PHP bug fixed quickly.
  • I fixed a PHP bug and need to ensure it is included in future releases.
  • I need a bug fixed in an older version of PHP.

How PHP Support Works

OpenLogic gives you "one number to call" for PHP support as well as technical support for hundreds of other open source packages. This approach eliminates the need for expensive component-level contracts that don't address the complex integrations between PHP and other open source packages. Our PHP support team resolves problems regardless of whether they originate in PHP or as the result of complex interactions between packages. Our engineers serve as your front-line support experts on PHP and hundreds of other open source packages, answering questions and pinpointing the source of problems. PHP consulting and PHP training services are also available.

Our internal technical support engineers are backed by the OpenLogic Expert Community, which is comprised of open source committers and contributors located around the world. These individuals actively contribute source code to the open source packages they help us support. Our internal support engineers facilitate the entire issue resolution process no matter what resources are needed, ensuring that your PHP issues are resolved quickly and seamlessly. This unique PHP support model gives you access to expert support resources for any type of issue you may encounter.

Whether you have PHP support questions, need help troubleshooting a complex issue, or have encountered a bug, OpenLogic's PHP support team has the expertise to assist you.

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