Expert Open Source Software Support

Of the thousands of open source software packages available through OpenLogic, only a select number have passed OpenLogic's rigorous 42-point certification process for open source. Commercial-grade technical support is available for most certified open source packages.

Descriptive support-level badges on search results pages and open source package detail pages indicate the level of technical support available for a given package. The open source software support-level badges you'll see throughout OpenLogic are:

Support Badge Explanation
Support is available with special pricing or SLAs
Support is available with our standard SLAs for business hours and 24x7 coverage
Support is available with a best-effort SLA
Support is not currently available

OpenLogic delivers on-demand access to thousands of open source software packages, several hundred of which have passed OpenLogic's rigorous 42-point certification process. OpenLogic offers varying levels of commercial-grade technical support for most of these certified open source software packages. OpenLogic's open source support services are available for enterprise production and development environments, and different levels of support can be purchased for any combination of certified open source packages.

How It Works

OpenLogic's open source software support model combines a traditional "one number to call" approach with the strength of the open source community, providing consolidated access to experts for hundreds of the most popular open source software packages. For in-depth issues and source code changes that may be required for particular open source packages, OpenLogic's technical support team is backed by the OpenLogic Expert Community. The OpenLogic Expert Community gives you access to open source committers and contributors—individuals who actively contribute source code to the packages they support. OpenLogic technical support engineers facilitate the entire issue resolution process no matter what resources are needed, ensuring that your issues are resolved quickly and seamlessly.

Types of Support

OpenLogic offers open source technical support levels ranging from developer support to enterprise staging and production support. You can choose a different level for each open source software product you use.

  • Production Support provides 24x7 coverage with guaranteed service level agreements to keep enterprise production applications up and running.
  • Developer Support provides expert advice regarding the use of open source software, recommendations for open source packages and quick turnaround on bug fixes.

How We Help

In addition to bug fixes and technical issues, OpenLogic's open source software support team provides a resource for developers to gather information and recommendations. Common questions submitted to OpenLogic Support include the following areas:

Research and Recommendations

  • Which open source software package or version is best suited for a job or function?
  • Are there alternative packages I should consider deploying?
  • What changes were made in a specific version of an open source package?
  • How will I be affected by a specific security update?

Configuration and Usage

  • How do I configure this open source package to work in my environment?
  • How do I integrate this open source package with other components?
  • How can I best use a particular feature within an open source package?
  • How can I optimize performance of a particular open source package?

Troubleshooting and Bugs

  • Why is a package or feature not working as expected?
  • I need a bug fixed quickly.
  • I fixed a bug and need to ensure it is included in future releases.
  • I need a bug fixed in an older version of an open source package.

Whether you have questions regarding the use of an open source software package, need help troubleshooting a complex issue, or have encountered a bug in a particular package, OpenLogic Support delivers the expertise necessary to assist you.

Popular Supported Open Source Packages

The most popular supported open source software packages are listed below. Follow the links for more information about support for these open source software packages.

Support for Open Source Software

OpenLogic supports hundreds of open source packages, including:

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