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Need vimscript support? OpenLogic provides Production and Developer support for hundreds of the most popular open source packages.


Useful vim scriptsinclude: vjde\ ZoomWin.vim ZoomWin.vba zipPlugin.vim yankring.vim xml.vim word_complete.vim wintagexplorer.vim winmanager.vim winfileexplorer.vim wiki.vim vtreeexplorer.vim vstplugin.vim vjde_util.vim vjde_todolist.vim vjde_floatingwin.vim vjde.vim visSum.vim visincr.vba vimcommander.vim vimbuddy.vim vimblog.vim vimballPlugin.vim Viki.vba vcssvn.vim vcssvk.vim vcsgit.vim vcscvs.vim vcscommand.vim tohtml.vim timestamp.vim tetris.vim tarPlugin.vim taglist.vim tagexplorer.vim supertab.vim SQLUtilities.vim spellfile.vim snippetsEmu.vim snippetsemu1_1.vba snippetEmu.vim sketch.vim showpairs.vim selectbuf.vim SearchComplete.vim runscript.vim rrhelper.vim Rndm.vim README.txt rails.vim qbuf.vim python_ifold.vim python_fold.vim project.vim php.vim patchreview.vim patchreview.txt netrwPlugin.vim netrw.vba NERD_tree.vim NERD_commenter.vim multiselect.vim mru.vim minibufexpl.vim Mines.vim mgrep.vim matrix.vim matchparen.vim matchit.vim manpageview.vim lookupfile.vim jptemplate.vim javabrowser.vim imaps.vim hg-menu.vim hgcommand.vim HGAnnotate.vim gzip.vim gvcolors.vba grep.vim getscriptPlugin.vim genutils.vim favmenu.vim echofunc.vim DrawItPlugin.vim DrawIt.vba DoxygenToolkit.vim Decho.vim Decho.vba colorsel.vim ColorSchemeMenuMaker.vim code_complete.vim cmdline-complete.vim cecutil.vim cecutil.vba cecscope.vim calendar.vim c.vim bufexplorer.vim BlockComment.vim bccalc.vim autoclose.vim altfile.vim AlignPlugin.vim AlignMaps.vim Align.vba a.vim etc....

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