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PostgreSQL 8.4.9

Release Date: 2011-09-26
Version 8.4.9 contains bug fixes and improvements. Among them,
  • Bug fixes in indexing of in-doubt HOT-updated tuples
  • A fix for a possible buffer overrun in tsvector_concat()
  • A race condition bug fix in relcache init file invalidation
  • A memory leak fix at the end of a GiST index scan
  • A bug fix for dump VALUES in a view
  • An improvement to libpq's handling of failures during connection startup

You can view the entire change log here.

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AllPostgreSQL 8.4.9 Source2011-09-2719.2 MBMD5Download Now
SolarisPostgreSQL 8.4.9 Solaris 10 IA32 Binary2011-09-2713.6 MBMD5Download Now
SolarisPostgreSQL 8.4.9 Solaris 10 AMD64 Binary2011-09-2714.3 MBMD5Download Now
SolarisPostgreSQL 8.4.9 Solaris 10 SPARC32 Binary2011-09-2715.1 MBMD5Download Now
SolarisPostgreSQL 8.4.9 Solaris 10 SPARC64 Binary2011-09-2715.6 MBMD5Download Now
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