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PostgreSQL 8.0.20

Release Date: 2009-02-06

Version 8.0.20 is a minor release containing a handful of bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Better handling of URLs and overlength headlines in the headline() function.
  • A fix for a possible Assert failure or misconversion if an encoding conversation is created improperly.
  • A repair to avoid unnecessary locking of small tables in VACUUM.
  • A correction to uninitialized variables in the contrib/tsearch2's get_covers() function.
  • Updates to time zone data files to tzdata 2009a.
  • Updates to documentation.

Please find the release notes for this version here.

Download(s) for this Version:
Platform DESC Name Date Published Filesize Checksum   
AllPostgreSQL 8.0.20 Source2009-02-1215 MBMD5Download Now
LinuxPostgreSQL 8.0.20 Redhat Linux rhel4 IA32 Installer2009-02-122.49 MBMD5Download Now
LinuxPostgreSQL 8.0.20 Redhat Linux rhel4 AMD64 Installer2009-02-122.54 MBMD5Download Now
LinuxPostgreSQL 8.0.20 Redhat Linux rhel5 IA32 Installer2009-02-122.57 MBMD5Download Now
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