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NetBeans 6.5.1

Release Date: 2009-05-04

Version 6.5.1 is a minor update that includes these changes:

  • GlassFish upgrade to V2.1.
  • NetBeans patch releases from December 2008 and January 2009.
  • Bug fixes for JDK6 Update 12.
Download(s) for this Version:
Platform DESC Name Date Published Filesize Checksum   
LinuxNetBeans 6.5.1 All Languages Linux Installer2009-07-21238 MBMD5Download Now
LinuxNetBeans 6.5.1 Cpp Linux Installer2009-07-2123.7 MBMD5Download Now
LinuxNetBeans 6.5.1 J2ee Linux Installer2009-07-21201 MBMD5Download Now
LinuxNetBeans 6.5.1 Java Linux Installer2009-07-2138.3 MBMD5Download Now
LinuxNetBeans 6.5.1 Php Linux Installer2009-07-2125.4 MBMD5Download Now
LinuxNetBeans 6.5.1 Ruby Linux Installer2009-07-2158 MBMD5Download Now
Mac OS XNetBeans 6.5.1 All Languages Mac OS X Installer2009-07-21193 MBMD5Download Now
Mac OS XNetBeans 6.5.1 Cpp Mac OS X Installer2009-07-2121 MBMD5Download Now
Mac OS XNetBeans 6.5.1 J2ee Mac OS X Installer2009-07-21158 MBMD5Download Now
Mac OS XNetBeans 6.5.1 Ruby Mac OS X Installer2009-07-2154.1 MBMD5Download Now
Mac OS XNetBeans 6.5.1 Php Mac OS X Installer2009-07-2122.8 MBMD5Download Now
Mac OS XNetBeans 6.5.1 Java Mac OS X Installer2009-07-2135.1 MBMD5Download Now
WindowsNetBeans 6.5.1 All Languages Windows Installer2009-07-21241 MBMD5Download Now
WindowsNetBeans 6.5.1 Cpp Windows Installer2009-07-2123.8 MBMD5Download Now
WindowsNetBeans 6.5.1 J2ee Windows Installer2009-07-21205 MBMD5Download Now
WindowsNetBeans 6.5.1 Java Windows Installer2009-07-2138.4 MBMD5Download Now
WindowsNetBeans 6.5.1 Php Windows Installer2009-07-2125.6 MBMD5Download Now
WindowsNetBeans 6.5.1 Ruby Windows Installer2009-07-2158.2 MBMD5Download Now
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