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Moodle is a Content Management System (CMS) used to produce internet-based courses and websites. Hoping to support what they term a "social constructionist" framework of education, project developers employed pedagogical principles as they designed this software. (Their ideas, found here, make for some interesting reading.) You can install Moodle on virtually any computer (including Web hosts) and it is as effective for a single-teacher site as it is for a university with 200,000 students.

When you begin using Moodle you become a moodler, and gain the ability to use this former acronym (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) as a verb. To "moodle" may describe lazy meandering, or the accomplishment of tasks in ones' own good time; an enjoyable tinkering that may often lead to insight and creativity.

See how that could apply to the process of online education? If you do, you're a natural born moodler; in fact, you've probably been moodling for half an hour now without even realizing it, and are in danger of spending the next half hour coming up with Moodle-related puns.



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