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Jetty 6.1.14

Release Date: 2008-11-14

 Version 6.1.14 contains a few fixes and minor updates.  Among them:

  • The jetty6-plus rpm now contains the jetty6-plus jar file.
  • The jetty debs now include util5.
  • Large content flushing has been decreased.
  • The line feed has been fixed in the request log.
  • TerracottaSessionManager leaking and unlocking problems have been corrected.

Please visit this page to see the full list of fixes and updates for this version.

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AllJetty 6.1.14 Binary2008-11-1424 MBMD5Download Now
AllJetty 6.1.14 Source2008-11-145.91 MBMD5Download Now
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