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Hibernate ® Core 4.3.8.Final

Release Date: 2015-01-06

Full release notes can be found here

  • [HHH-9330] - orphanRemoval=true does not work in bidirectional relationships (without cascading)
  • [HHH-9337] - Region.destroy() attempts to remove a cache listener, but region class is not annotated with @Listener
  • [HHH-9401] - SQL warnings are never logged due to incorrect condition check
  • [HHH-9419] - Remove after get with optimistic lock fails
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AllHibernate 4.3.8.Final (zip) ALL Source2015-01-1360.8 MBMD5Download Now
AllHibernate 4.3.8.Final (tgz) ALL Source2015-01-1339.7 MBMD5Download Now
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