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Hibernate ® Core 5.0.7.Final

Release Date: 2016-01-13

Full release notes can be found here

  • [HHH-4161] - persistence.xml <jar-file> not following JSR220 spec
  • [HHH-9342] - HQL "x member of treat(y as Type).collections" fails to parse
  • [HHH-9356] - jpa converter only applied to high value of cb.between
  • [HHH-9357] - Incorrect SQL generated for Polymorpic Queries involving TYPE() with @Inheritance(strategy=InheritanceType.JOINED)
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AllHibernate 5.0.7.Final (zip) ALL Binary2016-01-1989.7 MBMD5Download Now
AllHibernate 5.0.7.Final (tgz) ALL Binary2016-01-1955.7 MBMD5Download Now
AllHibernate 5.0.7.Final (zip) ALL Source2016-01-1914.2 MBMD5Download Now
AllHibernate 5.0.7.Final (tar.gz) ALL Source2016-01-197.48 MBMD5Download Now
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