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Firefox 3.0.5

Release Date: 2008-12-16

 Version 3.0.5 addresses several stability and security issues. The following security issues have been fixed:

  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in SessionStore.
  • Vulnerabilities related to XSS and JavaScript privilege escalation
  • Crashes with evidence of memory corruption.
  • Cross-domain data theft.
  • A disclosure issue when a XMLHttpRequest is made to a same-origin resource.

This release also includes several bug fixes.  Some of the most important fixes are:

  • A fix to “fallback” update issues.
  • A repair to infinite document.write() loop crashes.
  • A fix to the integer overflow in nsEscape.
  • A repair to a crash in nsHTMLFramesetFrame::Reflow.

Version 3.0.5 also provides official releases for the Bengali, Esperanto, Galician, Hindi, and Latvian languages.

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AllFirefox 3.0.5 Source2008-12-2272.2 MBMD5Download Now
LinuxFirefox 3.0.5 Linux Binary2008-12-229.35 MBMD5Download Now
Mac OS XFirefox 3.0.5 Mac OS X Installer2008-12-2217 MBMD5Download Now
WindowsFirefox 3.0.5 Windows Installer2008-12-227.11 MBMD5Download Now
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