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The Firefox Web browser introduces a faster, more secure browser fully customizable to your browsing lifestyle. Tabbed browsing, for instance, changes everything about life on-line. No more do you need to have a dozen windows open to do your research. Add-ons like Web Developer assist with many of the aspects of Web development.

License Notes:

There are three options developers may choose from for Firefox: the Mozilla Public License 1.1 or later, the GNU General Public License Version 2.0 or later, and the GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1 or later.

This new licensing scheme was devised to address perceived incompatibilities of the MPL with the GPL and LGPL. Certain source files that have been contributed to Mozilla projects under other compatible licenses (MIT, BSD) will not be relicensed.

Firefox Uses a EULA

Mozilla's Firefox ships with a browser feature (access to a database of malware and known bad sites) that relies on access to information stored on a remote server. Access to that information is covered by a EULA available here. Mozilla is in the process of adjusting the EULA to a Terms of Service. When that update has been completed, OpenLogic will evaluate the new terms and add that information here.

Additionally, the Mozilla Firefox EULAs restrict access to their logos and trademarks and that does not appear to be changing.

Usage Notes:

Use Firefox when you need, or want, a highly configurable browsing experience that is also supportive of development.

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