Apache HTTP Server (httpd)

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Need Apache HTTP Server (httpd) support? OpenLogic provides Production and Developer support for hundreds of the most popular open source packages, including Apache HTTP Server (httpd).


The Apache HTTP Server project develops and maintains an open source HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) server for modern operating systems, including UNIX and Windows NT (New Technology). The most popular Web server on the Internet since April 1996, Apache provides a secure, efficient and extensible server with HTTP services that adheres to current standards. The November 2005 Netcraft Web Server Survey found that more than 70 percent of the Web sites on the Internet use Apache, making it more widely used than all other Web servers combined. As it is not atypical for security issues to be discovered in application servers, OpenLogic recommends upgrading to the latest available version of Apache.If you intend to install the Apache HTTP Server on Windows XP (eXPerience), you MUST install at least XP SP1 to avoid potential data corruption and security holes.


Apache License 2.0, versions released prior to January 2004 are licensed under the Apache License 1.1.

Usage Notes:

Use the Apache HTTP Server if you want a popular, well supported and mature Web server to provide all kinds documents and files on either the Internet or your company's intranet.

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