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Apache Ant 1.7.1

Release Date: 2008-06-27

Version 1.7.1  fixes numerous bugs. Additionally, this release extends support for Java6 features. The changes we've highlighted below may cause extensive damage in older environments:

  • If you've been relying on multiple expansions of resources, you no longer can. String resources now have only single expanded properties.
  • Behavior of any given string resource's encoding attribute has been modified to encode outgoing (InputStream) content as well as encoding incoming (OutputStream) content. In earlier versions, the encoding attribute was taken into account only when set from the resource's OutputStream; the InputStream provided the String's binary content according to the platform's default encoding.
  • FileUtils.createTempFile now actually creates a file. While the TempFile task still won't create the file by default, it can now be instructed to do so by using a new parameter.

You can go here to read the details on the remainder of bugs fixed with this release.

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AllAnt 1.7.1 Binary2008-11-0711.2 MBMD5Download Now
AllAnt 1.7.1 Source2008-11-079.22 MBMD5Download Now
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