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ActiveMQ 5.2.0

Release Date: 2008-11-21

Version 5.2.0 contains several new features and enhancements, along with a hefty number of bug fixes.  Highlights include:

  • A repair to a QueueViewMBean.retryMessage() failure.
  • A remedy for the Stomp client removal failure when the client disconnects.
  • A fix for the TransactionBroker failing to recover when there are missing Subscriptions.
  • New advisory messages, which allow further system observation capabilities.
  • The added ability to limit the maximum number of connections to a Broker.

To see the full list of updates and fixes in this version, take a look at the release notes, here.

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UnixActiveMQ 5.2.0 Unix Binary2009-02-12632 BytesMD5Download Now
UnixActiveMQ 5.2.0 Unix Source2009-02-12648 BytesMD5Download Now
WindowsActiveMQ 5.2.0 Windows Binary2009-02-1225.6 MBMD5Download Now
WindowsActiveMQ 5.2.0 Windows Source2009-02-124.81 MBMD5Download Now
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