Open Source License Information

Browsing General License Information:

License Class: A License Class is a collection of similar licenses into a single category for ease of reference. If any license type that OpenLogic has researched is used by multiple Open Source Projects, we create a class to hold references to all of these licenses.

License Class information includes:

  • a brief overview of the class
  • a representative version of the license text
  • a list of all individual licenses in the class
  • a list of the Open Source Projects that use licenses in this class.

To find information on classes of licenses:

  • Browse the class list at the left.
  • Select a license class to get detailed information on that class.

Finding Specific License Information:

License: A License is the actual (or one of multiple) license that an Open Source Project uses to govern the rules by which the project code may be used by a third party (i.e. you). The Open Source Project may use a combination of licenses on all or parts of the open source code. Sometimes you can pick a license, sometimes different licenses apply to different components, and sometimes they all apply together.

To find information on specific licenses:

  • The best approach is to find the Open Source Project you are interested in and get to the specific license information for that project (use the search bar at the top).
  • You can search for individual license information by utilizing the advanced options in the search bar above and changing the search criteria to look for Licenses.
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