Open Source Consulting

Open Source Consulting Services

Consulting services are available for a wide range of open source software packages, including:

Technical Consulting Services for Open Source

Our consulting services give you one-on-one access to a senior open source architect who can help you plan, deploy, review, troubleshoot, and optimize your open source installations as well as the applications that run on top.

  • Architecture Assistance - "Rent” one of our senior architects for a detailed review of your application architecture, including guidance on technology enhancements. Available as a multi-day workshop.
  • Clustering - Get hands-on assistance with configuring and optimizing your clusters. Available as a multi-day consulting engagement.
  • Migration Workshop - Get help planning or executing migrations to open source solutions. Available as either a one-day or a multi-day workshop.
  • Performance Tuning - Learn best practices for optimizing open source, or get hands-on assistance with optimizing your deployments. Available as a one-day workshop or a multi-day consulting engagement.

Open Source Policy and Selection Consulting Services

Our open source policy and selection consulting services connect you with an open source software expert who can help you create an open source policy, refine business processes related to open source, implement best practices, and make informed decisions about open source usage.

  • Open Source Opportunities Workshop - Find opportunities to reduce technology costs by migrating from proprietary to open source software solutions. Available as a one-day workshop.
  • Open Source Policy Workshop - Get assistance with creating or refining an open source policy based on your company's risk tolerance and goals. Available as a one-day workshop.
  • Open Source Selection Workshop - Expedite the evaluation process for open source software with a review of up to three open source alternatives in a particular software category such as applications servers, databases, reporting tools, or frameworks. Available as either a one-day or a multi-day workshop.
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