Access Certified, Enterprise-Ready Open Source Software

OLEX makes it easy to find and download certified, enterprise-ready open source software packages.

For individuals in the enterprise, OLEX features a free online library of open source software that is certified by OpenLogic. All of the open source software you find on OLEX has been vetted with OpenLogic's rigorous 42-point certification process, so you can have confidence using it in the enterprise. You can research packages, review certification scores, and investigate licenses to ensure you are making the right choice.

For enterprises that want to effectively manage open source, OLEX Enterprise Edition is the industry’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for comprehensive sourcing and governance of open source in the enterprise. A subscription to OLEX Enterprise Edition enables enterprises to streamline internal open source approval processes and provide an audit trail of open source usage.

For organizations that need open source support, you can always purchase OpenLogic's commercial SLA support and indemnification protection. Now you can get commercial support and indemnification for a wide range of open source software from a single vendor. OpenLogic's SLA support services are backed by the OpenLogic Expert Community--open source committers and contributors who are paid to resolve customer issues.

OLEX OLEX Enterprise Edition
Best For Individuals in an enterprise Enterprises that want to manage open
source software
Pricing Free Subscription-based
Access to OpenLogic Certified Library
and Knowledgebase
Yes Yes
Open Source Governance No Yes
SLA Support Available for purchase Available for purchase
Indemnification Available for purchase Available for purchase
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